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Our first send

The company begins with an Angelo Angelucci’s idea.
The agency moves its first steps in the Italian market by recognizing itself right away thanks to the leads quality provided through proprietary databases.


Join the Spanish market

Internationalization thanks to the entry into the Spanish market.
AdviceMe enjoys an excellent credit and reputation also in the Spanish market, becoming today one of the most esteemed and recognized publishers in the market.



The agency has more than 5 employees and a well established presence on both markets.
AdviceMe opens the affiliate market in Italy, thanks to rapid growth and numerous direct contacts with companies and media centers,



+ 100% of turnover compared to the previous year.
Internationalization of affiliation and opening up to the Spanish market.
The company provides many proprietary database optimization technologies, list cleaning and a dedicated delivery platform, thanks to an internal team of experts.


We want you for Sponsoring!

+ 100% of turnover compared to the previous year.
+10 employees in account, sales, trafficker and technical roles.
The agency also seeks to diversify and broaden the channels, opening up to the sponsoring market in Italy and creating sector verticals that allow high quality traffic and a monthly leads increase for customers.


Premium Lead Generation Italy – Spain

Opening new markets
Opening of contests and sponsoring in Spain.
Consolidation and expansion of existing markets.
+ 50% turnover compared to the previous year.


The team grows

Opening of the display channel in IT and ES.
Active in the management and monetization of Database in Spain.
Management of new verticals.
+ 2 People in the Team.



Goals and future estimates

Opening new advertising channels.
360 ° focus on cross-channel marketing performance.
Growth and consolidation of existing markets.
Expansion of teams dedicated to various activities.



AdviceMe gives only the best!

Luca Franconi AdviceMe

Luca Franconi

Managing Director
The riskiest thing is to take no risks.
Elisa Quartucci AdviceMe

Elisa Quartucci

Trafficker Italia
Let life surprise you!

Sofia Spanò

Trafficker Italia
Se si fanno dei progetti concreti, se si coltivano le proprie ambizioni, con umiltà, i sogni diventano realtà.
Tommaso Micanti AdviceMe

Tommaso Micanti

Sales Manager Italia
Non è la specie più forte, né la più intelligente che sopravvive, bensì quella più reattiva al cambiamento.
Francesco D'Amato AdviceMe

Francesco D'Amato

Sales Manager Italia
Ti chiamo dopo.
Roberto Minciaroni AdviceMe

Roberto Minciaroni

Affiliate Manager Italia
Il bello deve ancora venire.
Tommaso Ceccotti AdviceMe

Tommaso Ceccotti

Affiliate Manager Italia
Nessun uomo è un’isola.

Filippo Gentileschi

Junion Affiliate Manager Italia
Great things never came from comfort zones.
Mirco Carabeo AdviceMe

Mirco Carabeo

Trafficker Spagna
Aprender a sonreír es aprender a ser libres.
Michael Paoloni AdviceMe

Michael Paoloni

Head of Affiliate & Sales Manager Spain
Insistes y aguantas, alcanzas y conquistas.
Erika Esposito AdviceMe

Erika Esposito

Affiliate Manager Spagna
Caminante no hay camino,
se hace camino al andar.
Fabio Mazzitelli AdviceMe

Fabio Mazzitelli

Technical Manager
Siate realisti, chiedete l’impossibile.

Michele Menghini

Technical Manager
Faber est suae quisque fortunae.

Antonello Amici

Technical Manager
Un giorno le macchine riusciranno a risolvere tutti i problemi, ma mai nessuna di esse potrà porne uno.
Lorenzo Santori AdviceMe

Lorenzo Santori

Le fatture saranno pagate a fine mese.